Elasil Lindqvist

Stassenname Headshot

Affiliation InfoSec

Specialisation Spy

Elasil Lindqvist is the second-oldest daughter of a Tîr – noble family. Because she wasn’t regarded as a direct heiress her career was more aimed in the direction of a Paladin. This changed when her older sister – accused of a crime – fled from Tîr which left Elasil as the sole heiress. During her studies in Nano-electronics she caught the attention of the Tîr – authority due to her distinctive and diverse talents. Shortly thereafter she was recruited by them as a secret service agent. As part of a special assignment an internship at the Seattle Division of NeuroTech Computing of the Telestrian Industries Corporation was arranged for her and her colleague Ensha Sheraline.


As soon as they arrived in Seattle, the two girls decided to step down into the Shadows to satisfy their luxurious lifestyle and their hunger for adventures, but also to have a solid cover for their intelligence activities.


After about half a year in Seattle, Elasil has proven herself during her internship and also made a name for herself in the Shadows under the street name Headshot. During their activities in the Shadows she and her partner Nia often crossed the path of team T.I.M., which temporarily turned their attention toward them and approached them through their front woman Eclipse.


Elasil is an extremely ambitious perfectionist who is always striving to make a good impression and not to disappoint the expectations put into her. At the same time she makes high demands of the people around her, expecting them to be just as perfectionistic. She openly displays this arrogance which unsurprisingly tends to put people off. Unfortunately, Elasil isn’t able to take criticism because her perfectionism does not allow errors.


Her best and only friend is Ensha Sheraline, who – because of her openness – accepts her the way she is. The two of them are currently residing in a luxurious apartment in Down Town Seattle.