Ensha Sheraline

Stassenname Nia

Affiliation InfoSec

Specialisation Cat Shaman

Ensha Sheraline, born as an only child to nobility in Tîr, grew up in a sheltered environment. As soon as she was discovered to be gifted in magic great efforts were put into further fostering her abilities. She grew very fond of the totem of the cat and ever since practices shamanism. Spoiled by the wealth of her family, Ensha had all the time in the world to experience the customs of Tîr society, soon causing her cat-like curiosity to focus on other things of higher interest. Because of the political proximity of houses Sheraline and Lindqvist a strong friendship developed early in their lives between the two daughters of nobility, Ensha and Elasil, which lasts to this day.


While studying at the university, Ensha had difficulties concentrating her attention on a subject, seeing how her interest waned very fast and would turn to different, more exciting things. Thanks to her high perceptiveness she still managed to defy all adversity and deal with almost every situation despite her inattentiveness. Maybe it was these qualities or her talent at magical transformations and illusion which drew the attention of the secret service. Around the same as her best friend she was recruited by the secret service as an agent which she more than welcomed due to her natural curiosity and lust for adventure.


With this same curiosity she faced her biggest assignment yet which would lead her to Seattle. The fact that she would be practicing in the field of magical security at NeuroTech computing of the Telestrian Industries Corporation was not nearly as exciting as the chance to experience this wild, dirty and adventurous Megaplex Seattle of which she only heard the worst.


Ensha is extremely charismatic and helpful. As a result of her curiosity and playfulness she usually appears as tolerant and open-minded yet her thoughts are always affected by her conviction that Tîr is incomparably better than anything else. She harbours a secret liking for fashion and is very able at creating unique items with her magic. This only gets exceled by her vanity and her ability to make others do the things she doesn’t feel like doing as if it were the most natural thing in the world.


After only a short six months in Seattle, the strikingly beautiful Elf has made a name as a model and just like her friend Elasil she is no stranger to the shadows. There she is known under the alias Nia, the cat.


Currently, she lives with her friend Elasil in a luxurious apartment in down town.