01 - Lesson 1

„You just have to run in the shadows again. It doesn’t have to be an extraction, a little blackmail, theft or perhaps a bit of industrial espionage might suffice.“

Acquaintances and former Runners actually believe that would be the right recipe to pep up the everyday life of the freelance security consultant, who once herself rose up from the shadows. But Emilia Mc Dowell is already chasing her own demons! Underneath her regulated life as a security consultant lurks a beast which hunts day in, day out for the people responsible for taking away her and her sisters childhood. At the centre of her attention is the Seattle branch of the Yakuza, with whom she has an old score to settle.

Lesson 1

The el Toro is a hotly debated Theme Dance Club located in Seattle Downtown, equipped with six subterranean floors which can be used, depending in evening and event, to play several musical styles simultaneously. It’s a suitable meeting place to escape the usually bleak everyday life, but also to pursue a variety of business dealings. That evening Emilia too went into the el Toro where she intended to meet an informant. Surprised by the presence of her best friends’ sister, she used her improvisational talent to use this circumstance to her advantage and initiated once again one of her little games.