08 - Legwork

It’s a snowy day in Seattle and therefor a good reason for Amy to spent her time in her cozy estate somewhere in Snohomish. Laying in a lounger, swimming in the private indoor pool and enjoying the company of her familiar, what else is there to wish for? Even Amy needs some time off and this relaxed and comfortable setting allows her to lay down all the information she has gathered so far and connect the dots to get the bigger picture.


What does the Yakuza, some Shadowrunners and the aristocratic family of the Lindqvist have in common? Which role play the sisters Elasil and Dana in it? Where is the connection and why does it pop up just right now?
Even if some details are missing, it’s good to know you have a capable decker backing you up. And so, it’s a call from Stu which sets Amy’s plans in motion …