13 - ... mate!

Team T.I.M. is working tirelessly to bring down the leaders of the human trafficking gang. And finally, they have a breakthrough! It was Disco Stu who cracked the case. After grilling Mr. Koharu and meticulously sifting through the seized data, Stu uncovered that the original delivery location was nothing but a trap to take out the team. It appears that the Yakuza has taken a keen interest in the team's recent operations. But Stu's exceptional analytical skills and ironclad determination paid off. He discovered that the actual delivery will take place at not one, but two locations at the same time!

... mate!

Eclipse hesitates for a moment, but she knows splitting the team is out of the question if they want to succeed. The Yakuza outnumber them, and the risk is just too great. It's a fifty-fifty chance that their target, Harukischi Sato, will show up at either of the two locations. So, Eclipse has no choice but to bring in the two elves and their team ...