03 - A Lesson in Improvisation 006

/// 03 - A Lesson in Improvisation // 006

Wyld: Carpincho is on stand-by over here so he can join in if necessary.

Description: Wyld aka. Cynthia de Burgh, Night One, former Tír na nÓg citizen, SURGE Class II, highly skilled Physical Adept (martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant), part-time runner, full-time mother of three kids (one of her own, two adopted), has a (not so) secret contract with the Draco Foundation, works part-time in a role play shop (Games & Hobbies), herself also a role player.

Dr. Dent: Wyld takes care of the magical security ...

Description: Dr. Dent aka. Markus Seinfried, SINless citizen, SURGE Class I (third eye), professional Marksman, has a hideout in an old dentist clinic, therefore part-time dentist, rarely seen in direct combat.

Dr. Dent: ... and provides the necessary distraction.

Disco Stu: Meanwhile he monitors the Matrix ...

Description: Disco Stu aka. Who-Knows, little is known about this famous and truly unique decker. He seems to own a matrix disco pub in Downtown Seattle and he obviously has a distinctive Style. Besides he is a true gentleman, very curious and he always speaks in third person.

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